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Shift the power.

Real power is knowing when not to use it. For the first time ever, you have control of your energy use and carbon footprint. Reduce your use at key times, have a huge impact.

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Introducing GridRewards

An award-winning, free app that tells you when and how to reduce your energy usage. Earn cash payments and reduce your electricity bill all year round.

How it works

Get Alerts

Unplug during events.

GridRewards events are the most important times to save electricity. We’ll tell you when they’re happening — usually during hot summer afternoons, about 5-10 times per year.

Earn Cash

Get paid. Get your friends paid.

Get $10 for each friend you refer. Work together with your neighborhood to earn extra rewards and multiply your impact!

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Earth - Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Keep an eye on your electricity use and carbon footprint. Get personalized energy insights and learn about the best times to use energy.

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Live in The Golden State? Check out GridRewards for California.
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An average household can earn more than $100/year

Oh, and 98% of GridRewards participants got paid last year.

Small change adds up.

Reduce your energy use for just a few hours during the most important days of the year, and you’ll have an outsized impact on the carbon footprint for your entire city. Refer friends to make extra money and multiply your impact.

Where does the money come from?

Your utility company pays to reduce electricity at peak times to help maintain system reliability in your community.

Who’s eligible?

Households in the ConEd service area are eligible. Estimated earnings are based on a typical household's 1kW savings during a GridRewards event.

How can I use GridRewards?

GridRewards is available for iOS and Android devices, and also available on the web and via SMS.

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